[dropcap1]R[/dropcap1]ight now it’s really a very exciting time for us at LocalMusicTeacher.co.uk, so I thought it was about time I started sharing some of the things that have improved the website from it’s previous iteration. We relaunched the site a couple of weeks ago, with many exciting enhancements, including the ability for teachers to edit and amend their own listing, which has been a big help to everyone. The overall look of the site has had a substantial refresh and the comments coming back to us are very positive indeed.

new-mapsHowever, a major addition was the ability to locate music teachers visually on a map. We love the maps and are thrilled to announce that as from today, the maps are even better when you are viewing a County or a Country page. At first, we were only able to indirectly center the maps over the general area of the page you were looking at, with a marker on the map for every single one of our Local Music Teachers.

Now that just wasn’t smart enough for us, so with a bit of jiggery-pokery we’ve now got the maps working more sensibly. So, as in the example to the right, if you’re looking for music teachers in London, then the map will only show you the music teachers that are in London. Sounds simple doesn’t it, though it was far from simple to implement.

But that’s just another example of the lengths we will go to here at LocalMusicTeacher.co.uk to ensure our music teachers get the best exposure they can and that all you budding musicians find it easier to find the right music teacher for you.

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