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Whether you’re looking for a Piano or a Piccolo Teacher, a Violin Teacher or a Vocal Coach, you can find one on our music teacher map!

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Music Teacher Map

You can choose to find a music teacher by using our music map.

The example here shows a selection of the music tutors added to the Local Music Teacher website.

Using The Map

It’s just like a normal Google Map, including markers for different types of music teachers and standard zoom controls. We can only show one icon per teacher though, so we show each teacher based on their main instrument.

view the full map here.

Searching is Easy!

How it works? Select an instrument, and if you want to choose a county to search in, do that too. Click on the “Search For A Teacher” button … and Voila!

Of course, you can always just browse the list of music teachers, or look through the different musical instruments.

When you’re browsing, you can also click on any instrument, county or country, in a music teacher’s profile. And that takes you to a listing for those items too!

We told you it was easy!



Whichever option you choose, you’ll be in the best place possible to get more music students. With so many different ways of being found by prospective pupils who can search by instrument, county, country and simply by browsing.

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